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Dubai Property Handovers and Snagging

At Dubai Property Handovers we provide the best in Dubai Property Handover and Snagging services as part of the preparation for handover of the property from the developer.

Our property snagging inspections help people who are buying a newly built property from a developer. We provide a comprehensive report to the owner and the developer. This ensures that you know exactly what is going to be involved in getting the property ready for handover and so does the developer.

With our professional experience and brilliant customer service, we will make sure your new property is the absolute best it can be.

Dubai Property Handovers will ensure that your new property is built to the highest standard, with all defects identified and fixed by the developer before passing a final inspection and being handed over to you.

Property snagging inspections in Dubai are required before the property can be handed over by all developers. We perform a thorough inspection of all rooms, fixtures and fittings, as well as external areas.

Our property snagging inspections provide a detailed report of any issues found in the property before handover. Highlighting not only the most critical items, but any snags and defects whatsoever. This means that we can provide the developer a report with as much detail as possible, identifying the issues that they would have to fix before they handover the property. This helps to avoid costly delays to owners receiving their property. It also prevents facing multiple issues when someone moves in. The goal of our inspection is not to delay handover but to ensure good quality construction and minimize the risk of defects being discovered by future owners or tenants of the house.



This is our Full service Handover Inspections that means you do not have to do anything. We will deal with any and all paperwork, snagging Inspections, de-snagging inspections and final inspections.


A fully detailed inspection to be carried out and a report supplied as part of the Initial snagging inspection, de-snagging inspection or final inspection. You can book all 3 as well. This can be tailored to your needs


End of Warranty Inspections are inspections done before the end of the warranty/defect liability period to ensure owners can get everything fixed before developer warranty/defect liability expires.

So What Is a Property Handover?

In a nutshell, a handover is where you sign off on your purchase, finalize payment and walk through your new home with the developer or your agent

So What Is a Snagging Inspection?

A Snagging Inspection is an owners opportunity to find and report any and all issues with the property. In most cases there are 3 inspections for any property. Starting with an Initial snagging Inspection where any and all issues are reported to the  developer with images. The developer is responsible for rectifying those issues before handover of the property to owner.

So What Is an End of Warranty Inspection?

End of Warranty Inspections are beneficial to owners as they can highlight any repairs or issues that the owner can then report to the developer and have fixed or repaired before the end of the defect liability period.


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